Managing your Bink Wallet

How do I add my payment cards?

To add payment cards tap the " + " button at the bottom of the home screen, select "add payment card."You will now see the option to add your payment card details. Once you have done this, you will need to read and accept the Terms & Conditions for the payment card to be added correctly.

Tip: Not all loyalty schemes can currently be linked to your payment cards.

When I load my payment card is any payment taken?

We need your payment card to identify that it's you, ensuring that you seamlessly earn rewards as you shop. That's it.

No payment will be taken when you load your card unless you are explicitly advised otherwise.

Please note: some retailers may charge a fee for joining their loyalty memberships, however this will always be labelled clearly if so.

For more information on membership fees please refer to the relevant retailer T&Cs.

Why is my payment card stuck in Pending status?

Your payment card may be shown as 'Pending' for the first 24 hours after adding. If this lasts longer please get in touch with us via the Settings menu of your app and we will investigate this for you.

What should I do if my payment card is showing as expired or failed?

If you see the 'Failed' status, please try to delete and re-add the payment card again. Make sure that your app is up to date and that your Internet connection is strong enough.

If the status of your payment card is shown as 'Expired', then you would need to delete it and add a valid card instead. Please note that you need to delete the Expired card first before adding the replacement card.

Why has my payment card been automatically linked to all my loyalty cards in my wallet?

When adding a new payment card, we will automatically link it to all the loyalty cards (Payment linked in your wallet that support the payment linked loyalty feature (PLL).

However, if you have linked two loyalty cards belonging to the same loyalty scheme, your payment card will only be linked to one loyalty card.

If you want to change the payment card that is linked to the loyalty card, click on the payment card in your wallet. You will then be able to choose which loyalty card you want your payment card to be linked to.

Please make sure you use your linked payment card at point of sale in order to automatically earn loyalty and rewards.

How can I link a loyalty card to my payment card?

You can only link a loyalty card to an active payment card that has been added to your Bink app. If your payment card is showing as Pending, Expired or Failed, you will not be able to link your loyalty card to your payment card.

If you are having trouble linking your payment card to a loyalty card please check the status of the payment card.

  • Active: If your payment card is Active, it means you can link it to loyalty cards.
  • Pending: Your payment card may be Pending for the first 24 hours after adding, if this lasts longer please contact the Bink Support team and we will investigate this for you.
  • Failed: It means that your payment card was not accepted. In this case please check that your payment card is still valid (i.e. not expired).

Please note that we only accept credit or debit cards from the major payment schemes and not all payment cards can be uploaded to the app.

Contact us via the Contact Support section of your Bink app if you need further help.

How do I earn points?

With selected loyalty membership plans you can earn points by paying with a linked payment card. Shop as usual, the points will then be allocated to you automatically. To find out which loyalty schemes support this feature please refer to the following FAQ 'What loyalty schemes are available and where can I go if I have specific questions for retailers?'

You can also earn points by showing the stored loyalty membership barcode in the Bink app to the merchant. The merchant can scan it or enter it manually into their systems. This will work the same as if you carried the plastic card, except you now have more space in your wallet!

How do I add my loyalty cards?

To add loyalty cards, select the retailer you wish to add your details to and tap the ' + ' button at the bottom of the screen.

Select 'Browse Brands' and use the search tool to select the loyalty scheme you wish to add.

If you are an existing member of the loyalty scheme, select 'Add my card' which will take you to a screen where you will need to log in with the credentials created when you signed up with that specific retailer and not with your Bink login details.

If you are not a member of the loyalty scheme, select ‘Get a new card’. This will take you to a registration screen where you will need to fill in your details to receive your loyalty details.

Once you have done this, you can then add it straight into your Bink Wallet.

Tip: It is not always possible to register with certain retailers within the Bink app, if this happens, don't worry, you will have an option to register on the merchant's website when you select 'Go to merchant site'.

How do I enable Payment Link Loyalty?

After you have added all of your payment cards and loyalty schemes in the Bink wallet, tap on the toggle button on the right of the retailer's name to link them together.

Tip: Not all loyalty schemes can currently be linked to your payment cards.

How do I redeem my rewards?

Reward redemption conditions are determined by each retailer - for more detailed information please refer to the retailer T&Cs.

Please note:

  • Remember to show your loyalty membership barcode when paying for your purchase
  • Usually you need to advise the shop assistant that you'd like to redeem a reward before paying

How do I delete cards from my wallet?

If you want to delete a payment or loyalty card, please follow these steps:

From the wallet, screen swipe the right-hand side of the card you wish to delete and then tap again to confirm.

It is also possible to delete cards from the detail screens of loyalty or payment cards.

Why do some cards show numbers and not barcodes?

As technology changes, possibilities are endless and so each retailer operates in different ways. Not all retailers will have barcode scanners at their tills which is why some retailers may choose to use a loyalty number instead. If you don’t see a barcode on the Bink app then please show your loyalty number at the point of sale to collect your points and rewards!

Why have my points not shown up on my loyalty card?

Hold tight, your points can take up to 5 working days to be updated and show up against your loyalty account within the Bink app.

If it takes any longer, please feel free to contact us via email on and one of our Customer Supporters will be happy to help.

What loyalty schemes are available and where can I go if I have specific questions for retailers?

To search the full list of loyalty schemes that Bink have linked up with, tap the " + " button at the bottom of the home screen and select "Browse Brands." You can then choose to manually search or scroll through the full list of loyalty schemes that you can store in your Bink wallet.

Tip: The information available from each loyalty membership programme will change depending on the retailer.

If you cannot see the same information when you switch between your loyalty schemes, it may mean:

  • These retailers have not shared this information with Bink
  • The loyalty scheme may be stamp or voucher based which can change the way the scheme is run

In Bink, you can store, view or link your loyalty membership accounts

  • Store: Your loyalty barcode or card number will be stored so you can show this at the till when you pay.
  • View: Your loyalty points and transaction history will be available to view.
  • Link: Your loyalty and payment card will be linked so you can automatically collect points when you pay.