About Bink

Does Bink cost anything?

No, Bink is free to download and use as often as you like.

How do I contact Bink?

You can contact us through the Bink app itself.

To do this, simply open the settings tab and tap on contact us which will link you straight to the Bink Customer Support team.

You can also reach us via email on support@bink.com" and one of our Customer Supporters will be happy to help.

What is Bink?

The Bink app is a free app that lets you store and view a wide range of loyalty cards in the Bink Wallet. Our unique technology platform, "PLL" (Payment Linked Loyalty), works by creating a link between your payment and loyalty cards so you are able to automatically collect points when you spend.

You will never miss reward opportunities from your favourite brands again!

What is Payment Linked Loyalty?

"PLL" (Payment Linked Loyalty) is Bink's unique technology that securely connects your loyalty account with your registered payment card and stores it in the Bink Wallet.

This means that when you spend with selected Bink retail partners, you will automatically earn your loyalty rewards.

Seamlessly simple!

Why use Bink?

The Bink app allows you to:

  • Link your everyday payment cards with selected Bink retail partners to make sure that you can collect automatic rewards so you never have to miss out on rewards again
  • Store selected loyalty cards in one place so you can ditch the plastic and still receive the loyal treatment
  • Join selected loyalty membership accounts from within the app
  • Keep track of your transaction history and points balance across selected brands easily with the Bink Wallet